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Hundreds of new top-level domains

A major online change is just around the corner! Hundreds of new top-level domains will soon be available, with a vast array of potential combinations.

Currently, most companies, products and even individuals are represented on the Internet. This has had the effect of restricting the choice of short and memorable domains typically available. In response to this issue, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) will be introducing a new range of highly flexible and descriptive domain endings before 2016. Through 1&1, we’re giving you the unique opportunity to pre-reserve your preferred domain names now.


Prices and conditions

Registration fees for the new domain extensions are not yet finalized. However, it can be assumed that prices will vary between $15 and $80 per year. But of course, once you pre-reserve your domain you are under no obligation to purchase it. We’ll notify you as soon as price information and terms and conditions become available. More detailed information will also be available directly from ICANN.

How you can benefit

Increase your chances of securing the right domain- obtain an ideal starting position in the race for your domain! By pre-reserving your domain with, you gain the right of first refusal.

Risk-free and without obligation The pre-reservation of one or more domains with the new extensions in the 1&1 database is completely free of charge, with no obligation or risk.

Keep up to date Once you’ve pre-reserved your domain, we’ll keep you informed with all the relevant domain news and updates.


When will the new top-level domains be available?

The first new TLDs are expected to be available by the end of 2013. However, the external process of ICANN only allows a limited number of new TLDs to be introduced per month. This means that new TLDs will gradually become available over the next two years. With domain pre-reservation, you have the advantage of being fully informed at every step. You can keep up with the latest TLDs as they become available, helping you easily secure your perfect domain.

Build your wish list now- choose from over 500 new top-level domains! Create a short, memorable domain like or to get your website found easily!

Overview of the main domain categories

At the present time, it is not possible for us to provide complete information regarding the following: prices, terms and conditions, availability, activation time, and the continued introduction of ICANN policies. Pre-reserving a domain name does not prevent others from pre-reserving the same domain name with other domain name providers. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to purchase your pre-reserved domain name or that all available nTLDs will be included in the our portfolio. We will do its best to promptly notify you when the domain name you have pre-reserved is available so that you have an opportunity to purchase it. However, the exact timing of this notice cannot be guaranteed and you will not have priority over anyone else. Additionally, some domain names may be subject to restrictions.

Popular new domain extensions

• blog               • hotel               • nyc               • shop               • web

Overview of all new Top-Level-Domains

[ws_table id=”9″]

Top 20 Domains

[ws_table id=”10″]

Web & Technology Domains

[ws_table id=”11″]

Travel & Regional Domains

[ws_table id=”12″]

Shopping & eCommerce Domains

[ws_table id=”13″]

Sport, Hobby & Leisure Domains

[ws_table id=”14″]

Food & Drink Domains

[ws_table id=”15″]

Community & Religion Domains

[ws_table id=”16″]

Generic Domains

[ws_table id=”17″]

Construction and Real Estate Domains

[ws_table id=”18″]

Contractor / Home Repair / Trades Domains

[ws_table id=”19″]

Education / Sports / Clubs / Associations / Culture Domains

[ws_table id=”20″]

Health Care / Health Services Domains

[ws_table id=”21″]

Hotels, Restaurants & Tourism Domains

[ws_table id=”22″]

Product Manufacturing Domains

[ws_table id=”23″]

Professional Services Domains

[ws_table id=”24″]

Retail / Commerce Domains

[ws_table id=”25″]

Vehicles and Transportation Services Domains

[ws_table id=”26″]

Business Specification Domains

[ws_table id=”27″]

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