Domain Tips for Professionals


A domain is not merely the address at which your website can be found; rather, it is a key marketing element for the success of your online presence.

Remember: The more domains refer to your website, the better will search engines rate your pages and position them in the search result. And the more visitors will reach your websites.

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Tip 1: Secure a memorable name

If your company has a short name, use it! If your company has a long, complicated name, secure it nevertheless. Additionally, secure a logical abbreviation. For example, if your company is Miller & Robinson Construction Inc., you could secure the following names:

Domain 1 (complete name):

Domain 2 (abbreviation):

Tip 2: Secure further top level domains for your company name

Protect your company name by securing further top level domains. For example:


Tip 3: Secure various search terms as domain

When searching on the Internet, many customers enter the search term directly in the address bar, hoping to obtain results faster in this way.

  • Your product names as domain (e.g.
  • Your advertising slogan as domain (e.g.
  • Your brand name as (e.g.

Tip 4: Secure misspelled domains

Misspelled domains are variants of your domain name that occur when your domain name is misspelled in the browser‘s address bar (e.g. missing or switched letters). Check how your domain name could be misspelled and secure these misspelled names as additional domains.

Did you know?

Domain squatters use misspelled domain names for criminal purposes and secure these in order to direct customers who are looking for your website to their own websites.

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