Frequently Asked Questions


What forms of payment do you take?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and Paypal payments through Paypal.

How soon will my hosting account be set up and ready for use?

Your hosting account will be set up within 24 to 72 hours after your payment is received, depending on what options you choose. New Domain registration will be available within 24 hours but Domain transfers can take as long as 1 week to complete. After payment is received, you will receive an email with your account information, IP address, username and password. You can then start uploading to your site.

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Yes; you will have access to your account 24 hours a day.

Can you register domain names for me?

Yes. We handle domain registrations for .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz, .name, .mobi, .tv, .cc, .ws. Please fill out our Domain Registration page to see if the name you’re interested in is available or use our Order page to secure your domain name now.

Do you allow adult, warez or other illicit sites or content?

We do allow adult sites that do not contain child pornography or other objectionable subjects. Please contact us to check if your sites content is in-line with our terms of use policy. We do not accept warez or other illicit sites or content.

What platforms or operating systems does DREAM13hosting use?

We offer servers on the Linux platform, which runs Apache Web server software.

I use Microsoft® Windows® at home, can I still host my site on a Linux platform?

In most cases it does not matter if you are using a different operating system at home or work. For example, you could use a Microsoft® Windows® XP system or Mac OS X running Dreamweaver® to design/program your site and then upload it to your Linux Web Server without any problems.

However, if you are developing your site using Windows-specific programming languages or tools, such as ASP or ASP.NET, you will need a Windows hosting plan, which you will have to order from the DIY hosting option.

What type of support do you offer?

To email us, use the contact form on the ‘contact us’ page.

How do I move my current site to Your Host?

Each situation is different; however, generally, there are 3 basic steps you need to take in order to move your site from your current hosting company to Your Host, as follows:

Select and order the appropriate Your Host package;

Move the contents of your current site to your new site via FTP. If you’ve selected the Managed Hosting option, we will gladly setup email accounts, forwarders, auto-responders for you. If you selected the DIY hosting option, you will be able to set up the email accounts, forwards, etc., yourself.

Change the name of the server for your domain at the registrar where your domain is registered. Within 24 to 48 hours the changes you’ve made should start to take effect.

Do you have Front-Page extensions?

The DREAM13hosting Managed Hosting uses the Linux platform, which runs Apache Web server software and does not support Front-Page extensions, but if you chose the DIY hosting option, you can select a hosting package using the Microsoft platform.

Do you provide daily backups?

We backup the data on our servers each night. However, even though we backup data, we also strongly recommend that you keep a remote backup of your files and data.

What is Website Builder?

WebsiteBuilder is a powerful tool that lets you construct a professional-looking site in minutes, with no programming experience or HTML know-how. And, since it is included at no extra cost with all Shared Hosting plans and Managed Servers, creating your website has never been more affordable.

Easy to use, impressive results: The handy wizard guides you through the site-building process from start to publish, with easy-to-follow instructions and simple point-and-click prompts. Choose your template and customize it with fonts, colors, and graphics, then add your content using the built-in text editor.

Add extras: Easily add exciting elements to your site, like feedback forms, a visitor counter, guestbook, forums, a flash-animated start page, and more! Plus, you can add META tag keywords and descriptions within the WebsiteBuilder interface so search engines can find your site.

Choose your template: Select your favorite professionally designed template. Then customize it to match your exact needs!

I am new to the world of websites, is there anything I need to do?

The best option would be to fill out our Customer Assessment Form so we can better ascertain you website/hosting needs.

Do I have any influence over the look and feel of the site?

Yes, you do. This is your site. You’ll supply input as to what you are looking for as well as any text and images you want added. We may add certain images and logos ourselves, but we work alongside you and let you have the final say on the look.

Can I make any changes once the website is finished?

Yes, you can have us make changes to your site for a nominal fee or if you are familiar with HTML you can make changes to your site yourself using a standard HTML editor, such as Adobe Dreamweaver. If you have a blog, all you will need is a web browser, such as Firefox.

Why should I choose DREAM13hosting?

We pride ourselves with being able to help individuals and small businesses add their first presence on the web without the high costs that other website designers and builders may quote.

How do I get a quote?

Use our Customer Assessment Form and we will be able to give you a quote once it is submitted. If you decide not to use our services, then you can simply move on. If you decide our company suits your needs, then we will require half of the quoted price as a deposit to begin work. The deposit is non-refundable. You pay the outstanding amount once you are happy with the finished look of your site. After full payment is received your site will go live on the internet.

How long will my website take?

This depends on the size of the project. We will be able to give you a better idea when you fill out the Customer Assessment Form!

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique tag that identifies you to other computers connected to the Internet. Every domain name represents a set of numbers called an IP address. address.

What is a Registrar?

A registrar is a company that allows individuals or companies to register a domain name. The customer first requests the domain name. The registrar then checks with the central registry for the domain to make sure it is available. If the domain name is available, the registrar will then ask for the required details from the customer and begin to process the order to register that specific domain. All companies offering domain registration services do so via a registrar that will process the order.

What is the character limitation is naming a Domain?

A domain name can have up to 59 characters. Domain names can only use letters, numbers, and hyphens (“-“). Spaces, punctuation marks, and other symbols are not allowed. A domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen. IDN (International Domain Names) for .com, .info, .net, .org, .biz, .cc, .tv and .ws can contain ä, ö and ü symbols.

What are .org domains?

Short for “organization”, .org is one of the seven original “generic” Top Level Domains (TLDs). It is currently the Internet’s fifth-largest TLD, with over two million registrations worldwide. The .org domain was originally intended as a miscellaneous TLD for educational institutions, network providers, governmental agencies or organizations that weren’t commercial entities. In recent years, registration in .org has become open and unrestricted.

What are .info domains?

Short for “information”, .info domains are another type of Top Level Domain (TLD). The .info domain is available for use by companies, organizations and individuals.

What are .mobi?

.mobi domain names are exclusively for websites that are meant to be viewed on mobile devices. .mobi are the first Top Level Domains (TLD) specifically designed for web pages which have been adapted to mobile devices. Having a .mobi will indicate that you have created a website that has been optimized for viewing and navigating on a smaller mobile device.

What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?

SSL means Secure Socket Layer. It is a protocol that transmits your communications over the Internet in an encrypted form. SSL ensures that the information sent is unchanged and sends it only to the server you intended to send it to. E-Commerce sites frequently use SSL technology to safeguard credit card information. A dedicated SSL Certificate can be ordered through DREAM13hosing for $100/year.

What is Private Domain Registration?

When you register a domain your name, e-mail address, phone number and postal mail address is listed in the WHOIS database. And this WHOIS data is available to the public. With Private domain registration you can protect your private data. Thereby protecting your self from spammers and scams. DREAM13hosting offers Private Domain Registration for free.

What scripts (if any) are supported?

CGI, PHP, Perl, SSH, and SSI.

How do I create a fav.ico or favicon?

A favicon or favicon.ico is a file placed in your webspace and will appear next to the URL in the web browser. The file is an image that is 32×32 or 16×16 pixels and stored in the ico format. You can create your own favicon.ico using an image editing program.