Why Dream13 Hosting?

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Our philosophy is simple: Provide customers with a low-price product while still maintaining a high-level of support. If you are looking for simple web hosting, or something a little more involved, you’ll find that we have the services, and tools to help you be successful on the Web.

1. All-inclusive prices unbeatable value. Other companies promise cheap hosting, but then charge extra for setup fees, higher renewal rates, or promotional services.  With DREAM13hosting, the listed price is the number you’ll pay, and you can expect a fully loaded, comprehensive suite of web services.

2. Full scalability. Ready for more power or web space? Your DREAM13hosting website grows with you. Upgrading to a higher package is done quickly and easily, so you can add more features as your business expands and your needs increase.

3. FREE domain names. Most of our packages include at least 1 domain FREE for the first year. Other web hosts might charge you for things you need for a successful website, but there are no hidden costs with DREAM13hosting!1&1 Customer Success Stories

4. Success stories.Over the past 3 years, I’ve had 1and1 as a hosting solution for all my needs. Not only have they been extremely reliable, but fast also. And when considering value, 1and1 offers the best solution for the lowest price hands down. You just can’t beat it!” …